Reliable Tax Appeal & FHA Appraisals in Yardley, Pennsylvania

Know the value of your property with thorough tax appeal and FHA appraisals from McKissick Appraisals of Yardley, Pennsylvania. We offer a quick turnaround time on our appraisals.

Estate Appraisals

Whether you're involved in a divorce or have someone who has recently departed, we offer estate appraisals. You receive an accurate value on the property we appraise.

Condo - Tax Appeal Appraisals

Experienced Appraisers

With McKissick Appraisals, you have someone who is experienced and knows the intricacies of each pocket area very well. For example, a beach block changes, and there could be a 100% value change in just one block span. If you provide us an address in our marketing zone, we can tell you what's on the block in the area. Our professionals are happy to tell you about local malls, schools, and even pizzerias in the area, which is great if you are unfamiliar with the region.


Tax Appeals & FHA Loans

Recently, taxes were raised in our area. Our professionals are happy to do appraisals for tax appeals. For government loans, our company specializes in FHA appraisals, and has an FHA-certified appraiser on staff.

Home Appraisals

No matter what kind of home you have, whether it's an old-fashioned colonial or the latest design, our experts provide the accurate appraisals you need. If you have a home that needs to be placed into a trust, we can appraise it. Inspections usually take a half-hour, and you receive your completed appraisal within one to two days.

Doing the Research

We provide accurate appraisals based on market data and research, which includes sales in the neighborhood, pending sales, expired sales, or anything sold in the past two years. Doing research on everything, we ensure not to miss anything.

Contact us to find out the value of your property with our accurate real estate appraisals.