A Commitment to Excellence

At McKissick Appraisals, our staff goes to training every two years, and has completed many classes to stay on top of the appraisal market. We know the area very well, and have professional conversations about our counties. You'll find that we know when homes were built or when developments went in, as we work these areas and constantly travel through each neighborhood a couple times a week. You never have to wait for us to come through.

An Honest Appraisal

When we see anything out of the ordinary or out of order, we point it out so that it can be looked into. You receive an honest appraisal and information about the area. We offer a quick, prompt service, and we do everything within our means to get your job done correctly on time.


Looking out for You

Our clients love the value of the services we provide and get comfortable with us. You'll see that our appraiser has a great personality. We like to protect the borrower so they don't overpay for their property, as well as the banks to ensure they do not loan out inappropriately. In our spare time, we like to stay active with local athletic clubs. For more than 25 years, we have operated as McKissick Appraisals.

Contact us at (866) 894-8626 in Yardley, Pennsylvania, to find out more about our real estate appraisals and how you can
discover your property's value.